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Financial Advisor IQ Feature: Another Merrill Lynch Team Heads to Sanctuary Wealth Management

Posted: October 5, 2018 - Media Mentions

The Rice Barrett Team
of Sanctuary Wealth Partners

RIA hybrid Sanctuary Wealth Management has acquired an advice practice established by two former Merrill Lynch brokers, according to a press release from Sanctuary.

RiceBarrett Family Wealth, founded by Martin Rice and Beau Barrett, is based out of Indianapolis and serves families nationwide, overseeing $240 million, according to the press release. Rice and Barrett are joined by registered administrative partner Jan Lasiter, Sanctuary says.

Rice had been with Merrill Lynch since the start of his financial advice career in 1998, according to his BrokerCheck profile. Barrett began his career at Merrill Lynch as well, a year later, according to BrokerCheck.

“We are now able to access the very finest technology tools available to our industry and we are capable of delivering a broader-than-ever range of investment options to power clients towards fulfilling their aspirations,” Barrett says in the press release. “We leverage our new technologies and wealth options to continue differentiating ourselves.”

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