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Maintain Your Course to Reach Your Financial Goals

Your personal financial picture includes both sides of your balance sheet, liabilities as well as assets. Achieving your long-term objectives depends on wise management of both sides.

How and when you borrow money, and how you manage your need for liquidity, are as important to your overall plan as your investment asset allocation.

Our Wealth Advisors are equipped to help you see the big picture and recommend smart financing solutions for you. We work with lending experts to ensure you have access to a range of innovative lending options to help you manage your liabilities. We use our extensive resources to custom-tailor financing solutions that meet your unique needs.

Using Liabilities Strategically: Understanding your financing options can make a big difference to your overall wealth management strategy. You can access funding when you need it, in effect by borrowing from yourself. While most investors understand the basic facts about home mortgages there is a wider variety of borrowing options for investors today. If a need should arise, you do not have to interrupt your overall saving and investment plan or sell assets at a time that might be disadvantageous.

©1998  EyeWire, Inc.Access the Value of Your Investments: Like your home, your investments are assets that can provide liquidity when you need it. Borrowing against the value of your eligible investment assets may be more cost-effective and provide more flexibility than other alternatives. You can access the value in your account by either a margin loan or a securities-based line of credit, both of which provide you with access to cash without disrupting your long-term investment strategy. Your Wealth Advisor will work with you to determine which kind of loan works best for your time horizon and needs.

Purchase or Refinance a Home: While home mortgages are familiar to many individuals, even long-time home owners may not be aware of all the financing options now available. Whether for a new home or to refinance your current home, you can choose the time horizon and repayment schedule. We have access to a variety of flexible solutions from a wide array of mortgage lenders, so you and your Wealth Advisor can custom-fit the one that works best for you.

Access Available Equity in Your Home: Home-equity financing can be a prudent choice for making home improvements, paying for education expenses, or financing major purchases or life events. A home equity loan may be a loan for a specific amount and timeframe or a line of credit you can draw on as you need it and repay on your own schedule. Your Wealth Advisor can analyze your needs and find the solution that fits best in your overall wealth management plan.